Studio Vraco “Ditte Sofa Table” by Sofia Petersen Ristic was selected to take part at the official Stockholm Design Week exhibition “Moving Forward” in a specific setting together with brands such as Fogia, Gärnäs, Veermakers, etc. Curated by renowned Norwegian stylists Jannicke Kråkvik and Alessandro D’Orazio of Kråkvik&D’Orazio, Moving Forward showcased emerging designers and established brands paving a way forward, combining new autumn launches with atelier pieces. 

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Ditte Sofa Table designed by Sofia Petersen Ristic is part of the collection “Best of both Worlds”  which consists of Ditte Sofa Table, The Cube and The Candleholder. This piece is distinctive for its travertine stone in its raw form. Four solid and rustic stone blocks form the table’s base and meet an elegant and fragile table top in glass.

Designer Sofia Ristic’s furniture serie is the perfect fusion between Bosnian craftsmanship and Swedish approach to design. The beautiful furniture serie consists of a table, a bedside table and a chandelier. Distinctive for the collection is the travertine stone in its raw form, which clearly highlights natural features of the material.

Emina Hajric Vraco, Studio Vraco, CEO: “In a way, the collection is very ascetic, but also artistic and timeless with a high focus on natural materials and function. This is how we interpret the definition of “slow luxury.”Sofia’s words about the collection: “An interesting object for me always consists of contrasts. The heavy genuine lives in symbiosis with the light that does not take up too much space, which in turn contributes to something timeless.”

Photo: Erik Lafvander for SDW, “Moving Forward” 
exhibition, Studio Vraco “Ditte Sofa Table” designed by Sofia Ristic