Ditte Sofa Table



The foundation of Studio Vraco has always been about quality, natural materials and craftmanship, which are all values designer Sofia Ristic shares with Studio Vraco.
With their partnership they have presented a collection with a vision to contribute to something more than just a product. The aspiration with the collection is to make our surroundings a little more authentic, sensual, mindful with the use of great materials and playing with its forms.

With Sofia Ristic’s Swedish minimalistic and warm aesthetic and Studio Vraco’s long experience in Bosnian handcraftism and vast understanding of different materials, the collection “Best of Both worlds” has been created.

The strength of this collection lies in Sofia’s ability to design objects with the right propotions adding a twist of the unexpected. Sofia’s words about The Sofa Table – Ditte Sofa Table : “An interesting object to me always consists of contrasts. Heavy meets the light which contributes to something timeless.”

Height: 26 cm
Length: 120 cm
Width: 120 cm

Photo: Malin Lindner, Erik Lafvander

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