VRACO has its roots back in year 1975 when Ibrahim Vraco decided to start his own business in metal construction and roof construction.

His son, Mirsad Vraco, has been involved in this industry from an early age and it led to a vast understanding of different materials, working experience and knowledge of metals, and the whole production process.

In 1989, Mirsad launched a new company with innovative take on the production, yet keeping the scope of the tradition of artisanship.

At 2015, his daughter, Emina Vraco, felt compelled to pursue her desire and passion for design and thus joined the company. Being exposed to materials such as steel, copper, brass in childhood, she developed a high sense of appreciation for noble materials. On the other hand, her childhood spent in Sweden during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina has had a huge impact on her sense of style which can be seen in the minimalistic, contemporary and simple forms of VRACO design, embraced by a warm touch.

Together Mirsad and Emina decided to continue VRACO legacy, cherishing the values of traditional craftsmanship complemented by minimalist design, and this is where 30 years of experience in the metal industry meets a huge passion for design.

The love for beauty, entrepreneurial spirit, endless enthusiasm, and a drive to push the borders in everything they do, has brought a father and daughter together in a story that has just begun…