VRACO furniture line was born out of the desire and passion for beauty, aesthetics, simplicity and easy living; out of love for the space we are surrounded by.

Embarking on a journey in furniture producing, the first thing we had in mind was to make an atmosphere where the notion of functionality and beauty come together in a minimalistic setting and form.

We wanted the furniture to integrate the human space and needs, not the other way around. We wanted to create furniture that reflects our vision of design. For us design is about movement, freedom and joy.

On the other hand, we wanted to celebrate artisanship through our furniture, give a tribute to and acknowledge the Bosnian handcraftism tradition, integrate it with contemporary design and create a synergy between these two worlds.

One thing that we also knew at the very beginning is that we are hard-headed and uncompromising in our desire to deliver distinct quality, value and timeless furniture. All our products are hand made and we are using steel in combination with materials such as brass, copper, wood that become more beautiful over time. Spontaneously, VRACO was created as an assemblage of ideas and values that we cherish in our world.